Trunked radio systems are attractive to authorities and disaster relief teams A Because of special features like very fast connection setup, group calls, paging, reliable and fast messaging and ad-hoc capabilities X B Because they are cheap implementations of GSM C Because of cheap equipment 17. 50 Common Interview Questions and Answers Page 5 of 25 Preparing Your Answers Opening Questions These questions give you plenty of scope to make a positive first impression. • Prepare a few questions to ask at the end of the telephone interview similar to those you would ask at the end of an in-person interview. Strong answers here will help to set the tone and direction of the interview as a whole. a. n (n – 1) b. n (n – 1) / 2 c. n (n – 1) / 4 d. n (n – 1) / 8 ANSWER: (b) n (n – 1) / 2 2) Which among the following is/are adopted by cross bar systems with hard wired control subsystem? a) Block cipher b) Bit cipher c) Stream clipher d) None of the above Ans: 2. 16. Fading of the received radio signals in … Cell phones can too easily result in not being able to hear one another well or dropped calls. a. ... Answer:- System recovery is a process of an overall plan for system recovery so that we are prepared if the system fails. Tell me about yourself. Our online telephone etiquette trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top telephone etiquette quizzes. (a) 12.5 kHz, becau se the system can accomodate twice a s many channel s per MHz of syste m bandwidth (b) 25 kHz, becau se it allows much den ser frequency reuse than with 12.5 kHz. A comprehensive database of telephone etiquette quizzes online, test your knowledge with telephone etiquette quiz questions. Reserve a Landline Phone You should always use a landline when taking part in a telephone interview. 1.Which one is DES? Which of the following is/are the main part(s) of basic cellular system. This is the MCQ in Telephone and Cable Networks from the book Data Communications and Networking 4th Edition by Behrouz A. Forouzan. A) A mobile Unit B) A cell Site C) A mobile Telephone Switching Office D) All of the above 2. Solved examples with detailed answer description. Cryptography Solved MCQs Questions Answers Let us see the important solved MCQs of Cryptography. IMT-2000 / 3G systems operate at A 1 GHz 1. Computer Networks Interview Questions And Answers Guide. Listen to what the others say c. Do what feels most comfortable d. In the policies manual e. There is no particular way to answer the phone as long as you are polite 3) When speaking on the phone, what type of communication is being used? Input /Output Devices questions and answers of Computer Awareness for private & government jobs, competitive examination and entrance test, interview, online preparation. You should not be answering the phone at your workplace b. 1) If ‘n’ number of users are present in a network with point-to-point links, then how many links will be required in the network? MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS – WIRELESS COMMUNICATION 1. a.