The size of your lawn is also a factor to consider since you don’t want to run out of power when you’re only partway through a job. Its operation is familiar to most people who have owned a self-propelled mower. The weather-resistant frame includes a 21-inch deck with mulching, bagging, and side discharge abilities, and the machine comes with a 2-bushel grass collection bag if you want to collect clippings as you go. Side discharge and bag? 3. "For houses with less than a half acre of land, this rechargeable pick makes keeping your yard neat a total breeze. If that isn’t an issue for you, the Sun Joe will neatly, easily and inexpensively get the job done. The Greenworks Pro is our new long-distance champ. And we still had 65 percent of the battery charge left over. ", "This ride-on mower's features—including cruise control and a USB outlet—keep you comfortable and efficient during weekend chores. The Best Electric and Gas Mowers for Any Yard. Of course, this makes the mower heavier and more expensive, too. with two 5Ah batteriesCut area per charge charge: 10,411 sq. Finally, its cut quality and bagging capability are both excellent. It also climbs hills well, performs satisfactorily on sidehills, bags extremely well, and has a handle that folds forward, allowing you to store it standing on end. Go with a gas-engine mower if mowing speed and power are essential to you, if you have a tendency to let your grass get tall, if you occasionally or even weekly walk your mower into tall, non-turf grasses to keep border areas from overtaking your yard, or if you do regular shifts of volunteer work (it’s your turn to mow the playing field or to cut an elderly neighbor’s yard). It also gets points for great industrial design in two respects. Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe; 4. Without fuel to combust, they’re noticeably quieter. We mow flats, uphill, sidehill, and downhill. Which leads to the next biggest benefit: The current for the motor is supplied by a battery. 1. We’re confident, though, to say this mower will easily handle typical suburban lots, with 3,000 to 5,000 square feet of grass. ), this battery-powered mower is also easy to maintain. It’s a corded lawn mower so it has an unlimited run time. Husqvarna YTA24v48 Husqvarna YTA24v48 is a great choice for those who want to handle larger area of lawn. The Sun Joe is very similar to the Black & Decker in its overall design and intent: It’s meant for small, neat yards. And you get the benefit of advanced features like single-lever deck height adjustment and a folding, telescoping handle design (like that of EGO’s machines). We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. When the first pair of batteries is drained, access the second pair of batteries by turning a switch at the front of the mower, and keep on cutting. Smaller-voltage mowers (36 to 40 volts) are lighter and easier to maneuver for small yards with 2,000 square feet of grass or less. Of course, if you don’t want to worry about charging your mower at all, a corded model may be more your speed. ", "For rough, but small yards, you can't beat this pick, with its huge rear wheels for traction and adjustable self-propel system. Mower. We were happy to find out that the company didn’t skimp with this machine, a full-size (22-inch), self-propelled, rear-drive mower that gave us exactly 30 minutes of mulching, hill climbing, and cutting, mowing down the tallest and lushest grass in the test. It charges via a standard 120-volt outset, and its advanced control panel can be used to activate the blades and LED headlights, as well as display the battery level and runtime. They kept on cutting. The battery charges up in around 60 minutes, letting you get back to mowing sooner, and our reviewer raves about this mower, saying it’s sturdy, lightweight, and quiet, yet still capable of tackling tough jobs. Corded lawn mowers can be a bit tricky to use, as you have to be careful not to run over the extension cord, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love using the Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower. Raise the mower deck up to reduce the amount of grass you remove with each cut, and strive to remove no more than one third of the grass leaf with each mow. TACKLIFE Lawnmower With a durable 42-inch steel deck, four high-power brushless motors, and zero-turn technology, this splurge-worthy electric motor can cut yards up to 3 acres on a single charge. If you don’t do that, you find the rear wheels lock if you stop and pull backward on the handle. This zero-turn radius mower features two precision-cut blades, a 12-position manual deck adjustment, and side discharge, mulching, and bagging capabilities. 100 Ah Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower, Best for Small Lawns: with one 5Ah batteryCut area on one charge: 8,340 sq. This machine has a 22-inch deck and features a personal pace self-propel system that allows you to adjust the speed to fit your needs. RYOBI 20 in. ft. Leaf Score: Both models fold up easily for storage, have weather-resistant construction, and have a 21-inch deck size, with 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, side discharge options. The mower’s cut quality is quite good, and with the side discharge chute in place it will hold its own in reasonably tall grass. This battery-powered tool will spare you from the necessity of getting an extension … In our tall grass test, where we walk the mowers into knee-high or taller growth, the Greenworks handled the job about as well as some small-engine gas machines we’ve used. ft. Because the batteries are large 6.0Ah ones, this would be the only 18v battery based system I would consider as a lawn care professional looking for a cordless lawn mower that packs a punch when it comes to power. with two 4Ah batteriesCut area per charge: Estimated 2,500 to 5,000 sq. You unstrap the mower, bolt on its seat and lap bars, and snap together the electrical connectors for the battery cable and the operator sensor below the seat. If you think that an electric lawn mower would fit you best, let’s check some of the basic information about this as well as a list of the best electric lawn mowers on the market. The machine is made by TTI, an experienced operator in this space that owns Milwaukee Electric Tool and Ryobi. Self-propelled lawn mowers … But this mower has more going for it than stamina. The RYOBI Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower has all the high-end features you could ever want in a lawn mower, and it performs so well you’ll barely believe it’s not gas-powered. Check and check. On that last point, the fold mechanism is by means of bullet latches at the base of the handle. with two 5Ah batteriesCut area per charge: 13,992 sq. This 11-amp electric lawn mower is ideal for small yards, as it has just a 14-inch deck and must be plugged into an electrical outlet to run. It’s powered by a 60-volt (6Ah) battery and a brushless motor. ", "Powerful enough to handle tall grass and uneven terrain, without the ear-splitting volume of a gas-powered mower. It has a convenient push-button start and boasts a 21-inch cut capacity or deck size. The RYOBI Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower can handle up to 2.5 acres of lawn on each charge, thanks to its 100Ah lead acid batteries. The mower did reasonably well in mulching mode, cutting taller-than-average grass with the deck set at mid-height, but it did leave behind trails of chewed-up clippings in places where the lawn was particularly lush. with two 2Ah batteryCut area per charge: Estimated 4,500 to 5,000 sq. You'll want to consider what style of lawn mower is best for your needs—electric mowers come in self-propelled, push, and ride-on styles. Voltage: 40Weight:  45 lb. Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Lawn Mower; 4. To adjust its ground speed from 1.5 to 3 mph, move the lever to the operator’s left forward; at top speed, you’re cutting more quickly, but by gas-engine mower standards, it’s still a very comfortable pace. The robustly built Snapper cut an almost outlandish amount of grass, enabled by a pair of 2Ah batteries, installed side by side under the flip-up hatch on the motor housing. It did well in all of them, except when it came time to cut into corners and tight spots around flower beds. The mower features a single-lever height adjustment with five positions, as well as a rear bag for mulching capabilities, and you'll get a lot of power for its low price. 4. Overall Winners for Best Electric Lawn Mowers: Ego LM2102SP and LM2142SP. Murray EC320 32 cm Push Lawn Mower; 6. We also advise you to purchase a second battery for extended run time in tough cutting conditions. View the Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower Below. with two 4Ah batteriesCut area per charge: 4,830 sq. Our rating: 4.5 out of 5. If you need a lawn mower that can power through tall grass and thick, overgrown weeds, your best bet is the Toro Recycler Cordless Battery Personal Pace Mower, which runs on a powerful 60-volt battery. with 4Ah batteryCut area on one charge: Estimated 5,000 to 8,000 sq. Volts: 40Weight: 50.2 lb. ft. We weren’t sure what to expect of this Hart mower—the first from this Walmart brand we’ve tested. Worx … The motor is located almost entirely above the deck, protecting it from impact, moisture, and dirt. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Tool Gift Guide: 36 Great Presents for DIYers, 25 Last-Minute Gifts and Stocking Stuffers. It has a very unique and sleek design. The best electric lawn mowers from top brands like Ego, Ryobi, Greenworks, and Stihl will be able to tame even the toughest lawns. The American Lawn Mower Company Corded Electric Lawn Mower is a great choice for anyone who’s on a budget. While its frame might not be the most durable, this affordable electric mower is undoubtedly a step up from reel mowers for those with small lawns. Flip the ground speed control lever to the right to go faster. Buying the best lawn mower is very challenging, but we are here to solve this problem of yours. The Greenworks Mower offers 3-in-1 mulching, side discharge, and rear bagging abilities, and you can choose from seven height positions, depending on how short you want your grass. The Snapper XD 82V is the best self-propelled electric lawn mower. VonHaus Rotary Lawnmower; 8. Still, we found its overall performance to be commendable. Not only are battery-powered lawn mowers more environmentally friendly, but they require less maintenance and are quieter during operation, as well. Type When it comes to electric mowers, there are two big decisions to consider: corded or cordless, and ride-on or push. Mulch? It’s an astonishingly fast and productive mower. And this is a fast-moving mower. This is a great mower for people who take lawn cutting seriously, whether it’s their own place or a customer’s. A hatch on the side of the deck permits you to swap among its three functions: mulching, bagging, or side discharge. You’ve got two choices: make a second pass, crosscutting at an angle to the first, or use the side discharge chute and then crosscut. Their verdict: a good mower that excels in the suburbs on smoothly graded lawn surfaces. Sun Joe 12-Amp 20-in Corded Electric Lawn Mower, Best for Large Lawns: The Types of Electric Lawn Mowers. Earthwise 50220 Electric Lawn Mower; 3.