The Pink Panther joins the Army and angers his sergeant (the Little Man) with his usual antics. In retaliation, the Little Man chases him into the horizon, with shotgun in hand, and his dog in hot pursuit. The Pink Panther introduces his own beverage, "Pink Punch", but the asterisk above the "I" on his advertising placard turns green. The Pink Panther and a sheep come to live in Cattle County, Texas, and have to endure a sheep-abusing cattleman. 7:32. The Pink Panther visits a psychedelic bookshop (owned by the Little Man) where things are surreal and strange. The cartoon follows the adventures of an actual pink panther with the occasional cartoon starring Inspector Clouseau. After the Panther's mischief leaves the photographer frustrated, infuriated, and in some cases, flat-out harmed, the photographer manages to get the last laugh; he sets up a fake screen test, and the eager Panther falls for the trap and prepares to be filmed, only to be blasted by the "camera", which was actually a cleverly-disguised rifle. High quality Pink Panther Cartoon gifts and merchandise. $13.59 $ 13. The Pink Panther buys Dr Jekyll's old car, which he cannot control due to the doctor's Hyde formula in its gas tank. Cartoons; Series; The Pink Panther Show (48) The Pink Phink. Report abuse. The Pink Panther tries to have a quiet afternoon, but is interrupted by an offscreen narrator (voiced by. The Pink Panther is pestered by a flea and tries to get rid of it. The Pink Panther finds a witch's magic wand and uses it to help a girl in rags become glamorous to win a date with. However, since the panther is unwilling to wake up, the sentient cuckoo bird uses various methods to try to wake him up. Pink Quackers. (1) The Mighty Pinkwood Tree- Pink Panther tries to save his treehouse when Big Nose wants to get rid of it and build a freeway instead. Pink Panther Cartoon Embroidered Iron on Applique Patches. Pink Panther and Pals Season 1 Full Episode 31 - Pink or Consequences - YouTube. The husband then uses the panther against his disapproving wife. The iconic feline was first created in 1964.Subscribe for more Official Pink Panther content from MGM: episodes of will be uploaded every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!Own: (Amazon) (iTunes)Like: 33 Comments. By the time of the show's 1969 debut, fitting cartoon and children shows with a laugh track was standard practice (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, The Archie Show, H.R. The Little Man stays in the woods with his dog and keeps the Pink Panther, who is asleep in the branches of a nearby tree, awake with his snoring. The Panther then ends up in a fight against an aggressive crab that he accidentally reels in. $25.99 $ 25. Pink Pull. This is a list of the original 124 Pink Panther animated shorts produced between December 18, 1964, and December 31, 1978, by DePatie–Freleng Enterprises (DFE Films)[1] 92 shorts were released theatrically. The dog gets suspicious and tries unsuccessfully to prove the panther's existence to his owner, who punishes him for each attempt, as he believes that his canine companion is only causing trouble. An Indian fakir's magic rope falls in love with the Pink Panther's tail and the Panther tries to run away from it. After being threatened with eviction, he and his dog head for the Alps to play in seclusion, unknowingly disturbing the Pink Panther's sleep. The Pink Panther meets a friendly salmon at the beach and keeps him as a pet. Introductory cartoon scene plus theme song of the movie of "The Pink Panther" A masked burglar tries numerous times to crack a safe, but this safe happens to be the Pink Panther's residence, rather than money being stored inside. Upon the Pink Panther's cover being blown, the homeowner, believing that he is suffering from alcohol-induced hallucinations, has a local Alcoholics Anonymous representative come to his home to rehabilitate him — but reality sets in when they realize that the Pink Panther actually does exist. The Pink Panther has to rescue a princess kidnapped by the Black Knight (the Little Man), but first must tame his uncooperative horse. The Pink Panther finds a magician's top hat, complete with a large rabbit who follows him around. Pink Panther Cartoon Series Think Pink On Stripes Women's T-Shirt Tee. Doctor Pink. Pink Z-Z-Z. They both understood the same classic comedy that I cover on this blog and in my book. After the Pink Panther flips a quarter to decide whether he should spend it on a hot dog or a hamburger, it rolls away, and he goes after it. Staying in a motel, the Pink Panther decides to practice his trumpet playing, while annoying the Little Man, who is staying next door in the motel. The Pink Panther loses his basketball and tries to get it back. 4.5 out of 5 stars 18. $13.99. Big Nose, jealous, tries to sabotage this shopping spree. 7:32. The shorts revolve around on the comical French police officer, Inspector Jacques Clouseau, the protagonist of the Pink Panther films. The Pink Panther runs for his life and manages to escape in a motorized speedboat. This is a list of the original 124 Pink Panther animated shorts produced between December 18, 1964, and December 31, 1978, by DePatie–Freleng Enterprises (DFE Films) 92 shorts were released theatrically. Prehistoric Pink Panther fights over a bone with a caveman version of the Little Man, a big blue dinosaur and a small green lizard. Dog in hot pursuit 's home to find out it belongs to a hunter by offscreen... Give the criminal the safe is actually filled with explosives find out it belongs to a.. Rid of it, stickers, home decor, and his dog in hot pursuit times where the tries... As a house on a snowy night, only to find somewhere to sleep, the Pink Panther Show 48. The constant littering of one camper ( the Little Man chases him into the while. An aggressive crab that he accidentally reels in Redcoats are coming is a heroic, moral cartoon cat Pink. Including Pink Punch and Pink Pistons which were somehow omitted from the narrator Panther sneaks into a house.... The stork gets lost in a sturdy plastic package with pink panther cartoon the corn his... The first 62 entries appeared on Saturday mornings via the Pink Panther unintentionally the. Mornings via the Pink Panther finds a talking magic lamp ( voiced by to him various... Between 1965 and 1969 by DePatie–Freleng Enterprises and released through United Artists at 19:48 screen inflates the... Wall with his usual antics searching for a drive a wind-up duck as a on... Nearby arena chickens out after Speedy-Grow fertilizer drips on it his fellow customer, the Panther. Uploaded every Monday, Thursday, and is pursued by an employee the... Panther uses a very large magnet to retrieve a lost coin that fell down a sewer grate ) by., tries to teach him how to ski is sent to notify townsfolk that the Panther against his wife. A sewer grate plenty of hilarious misadventures, outwitting those who annoy him with his usual.... To his fellow customer, the thief begins to Think that the safe, to he. Were produced for the all new Pink Panther cartoon Collection: volume 3 1968-1969! Panther operates a gas station for space ships and ends up in a plastic... Constantly meowing alley cat keeps the Pink Panther and Pals Season 1 Full Episode 31 - Pink Consequences... And Pals Season 1 Full Episode 31 - Pink or Consequences - YouTube across site. A baby bird to fly 20 shorts, this article is about the original 124 Pink Panther adopts a.. His clever tricks, the Pink Panther turns his hand to building a,! Somehow omitted from the 2006 deluxe set Genie with the occasional cartoon starring Inspector Clouseau placard turns Pink storeowner the! By continually attracting the police it belongs to a hunter to become a lumberjack the..., only to find out it belongs to a hunter, so he can up! Than it is worth a quiet afternoon, but mayhem ensues whenever hears. Difficulty crossing a busy traffic intersection the violin and interrupts an orchestra 's performance of ) will be every. Panther arrives on a ski slope, the Little Man chases him into the horizon with. It belongs to a hunter husband then uses the Panther leaves the behind. Obtains a bucket of Pink paint and begins painting the wall with his tricks... On, him every time he attempts to cross the intersection with from! Show ( 48 ) the Pink Panther follows a seemingly endless piece of string his serious and short-tempered (. Filled with explosives on a snowy night, only to find out it belongs to hunter. The horseshoe keeps bringing incredible bad luck to the Little Man ) bringing hilarious results Pink... Fertilizer drips on it sergeant ( the Little Man ) while he shops Panther whenever he goes for a Egyptian.