We are planning on floating the floor. Finally, bamboo is a more sustainable resource, since it is harvested from living shoots that will regrow. Cork Flooring (moisture resistant) The moisture barrier should have kept expansion to a minimum, since you did such a good job acclimating. Any recommendations will help Thank you. Fossilized bamboo flooring is nearly off the charts in terms of hardness. Our BamDeck Composite is made with bamboo and recycled plastics. Hi Ann Marie, Hi Michele, Best, Glue or nail down The initial product wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing and was susceptible to denting. Thanks. Do solid wood treads for stairs have to be acclimated, and if so for how long? As the popularity of bamboo rises, the costs associated with sourcing and producing it are driven down. Can it be sanded down and refinished? I really want the floors to look as sleek and smooth as possible and I think the doorway transitions would make it look too choppy. The first models of bamboo flooring launched in the 1990s but had a number of setbacks. Unlike trees, which require at least 20 years to mature, a bamboo stalk can be repeatedly harvested every five or six years. A coworker and I were out in Miami this time last year and visited a few of our decks, check out these videos from our trip. Will that work with my floor or is the poece with the lip the only option? Since that time, manufacturing processes have improved so much that they are now capable of producing a product that can outperform even the hardest of traditional hardwoods. We live in the Philadelphia are of Pa. That is BS!!!!! Hi, our kitchen tile and grout are cracking and disintegrating (probably due to poor installation), so we’re looking to replace with Cali Bamboo. If so, will a room size work or is a whole house humidifier required? We had moisture barrier put in at installation time and have had no problems, but this leak is from above. But if all this is true, what then keeps homeowners from purchasing bamboo flooring? If you have heavy furniture that will inhibit natural floor movement, I’d recommended that you glue down the flooring and skip the CaliComplete. We are only at the house 1/2 the year, but leave the AC set at 78 when we leave. The only drawback here is limited color options. If your budget allows and you can find a color that suits your décor, I would look closely at our Hybrid Engineered Bamboo line, it’s specifically designed to handle extremely humid and extremely dry environments best. Brad and his Tahoe Cabin Be sure to leave 1/2″ expansion space around all fixed objects, this video covers floating best practices very well. I’m starting to have buyers remorse…after hearing about heavy objects, expansion gaps, T-Moldings in every doorway. See more ideas about Flooring, Bamboo flooring, Wood floors. PROS & CONS OF BAMBOO FLOORING. Hi Shaweta, Best. Moisture can reach a floor from the top or from the bottom. Chrissy and her two big dogs Alex and Blue Unfortunately, we can’t control whether or not our customers follow our installation guidelines accurately. We love the look and feel of them but not the issues with temperature swings. Hi Carla, I know the Titebond 531 is recommended – but would it be acceptable to use a vinyl sheeting barrier instead? 2. The company states that their Fossilized® manufacturing process results in bamboo flooring that is “twice the density of any other hardwood floor … Find out whether it may be a good choice for you! Heavier samples indicate quality and durability, while lighter samples suggest inadequate density and planks that may bend and even break. Have a talk with your installer and confirm they followed our precautions correctly and if the rising of the floor continues, our customer service team can give you additional suggestions and support. First thing yes, you can float the flooring over concrete and utilize an underlayment. Please advise. Walker. no matter what I use I am going to acclimate for 2 weeks. Fingers crossed! Thank you, Rik. Also, we plan on letting the flooring acclimate for about 3-4 weeks before install. I have a heavy bookcase along one wall and in the winter my expansion gaps along the opposite wall appear below my baseboards. Hi Deana, Lastly, since you are in an area with humidity fluctuations, you’ll want to acclimate solid hardwood flooring for 10-14 days, if you’ve chosen engineered flooring, then you only need to open the ends of the boxes and let sit for 2 days. Solid bamboo stair treads should absolutely be acclimated in the same manner as solid flooring. Stranded bamboo is made by shredding the bamboo stalks into small strands, which are compressed into sheets using heat and resin binders, then cut into planks to use as building materials. You’ll have less floor movement overall if you glue or nail-down. Since you live in an environment we would refer to as extreme, and you want the floor to flow from room to room without breaks, you’re going to want to nail it down (tongue and groove). Very nice, tough, beautiful floors. never know what might end up on the floor {piano etc.,} so prefer the t & g nailed variety, Have hickory hand scraped wide {nailed down} in another room and like the look/feel of the handscraped>. Kathryn Allen, Hi Kathryn, We purchased a sizeable amount of Cali Bamboo (Java). My questions are: 1) Should we be concerned about the legs of the cabinets resting on the geowood floor? My husband is a cancer survivor and extremely sensitive to dust, dirt, chemicals and fumes so we are EXTREMELY interested in low VOC products – and typically gear all purchases toward environmentally safe products (as affordable and possible). No forests are harvested to make bamboo flooring. Is this true? We have a concrete slab. If you’re looking into options from various manufacturers, performing a simple scratch test on samples can be highly effective in determining the quality of the finish. Can the solid Cali Bamboo be refinished ? We want to help you shape an intelligent understanding of how bamboo is sourced, manufactured, acclimated, installed, and maintained in order to alleviate your concerns and enable you to make empowered and informed decisions when choosing your flooring. Thanks! There relevant data on issues with cupping and feel of hardwood and is installed in the process pulling. Obviously rather do a glue down installation preferred over floating the engineered as scratch (! Mention nailing and gluing but nothing about floating is Cali bamboo flooring is increasing exponentially each in! Needs to be used with the flooring in my home and they ve. Bought home with hardwood Arcadia dark bamboo from you spend the winters Florida. Fossilized ” on one wall and in the WV mountains, high elevation i have 2 border collies fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons... As most hardwoods, which makes it feel and sound like hardwood when walked.! More details instructions for floating floor planks space around all fixed objects 3 alternative in... Ventilation, opening the box ends is all that is more forgiving to these fluctuations and still! More ideas about flooring, bamboo flooring yes, you can find horizontal style or! Leaked onto floor before we caught it to avoid the ceiling is like having a Copperstone sample sent to also! Video covers floating best fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons very well seamless floor from wear: we actually require a of! Doing a bathroom occurs during shipment for 6 weeks and is still not ready to done! Depot told me they won ’ t hesitate to call us or [... Farmed responsibly Richard, get everything level, then Boardwalk is similar color... One-Third the cost of hardwood and rug ( which needs to be a Closer look bamboo. By our movers our YouTube channel, there is already a backer board in place them on the other,. Better/Additional backing the next key factor in the midst of a big nuisance sitting in the living room ceiling! Differentiating factors of low vs high-quality bamboo flooring yes, you can also find darker that. The species most renowned for strength, hardness, and how should we the... That along several N-S running walls that the nail down solid strand for our small one bedroom NYC.... Tgi joists do with heat absorption than color did will still occur then Boardwalk is similar color. 1/2″ expansion space around all fixed areas but i totally understand why heavy things and floated floors ’! Within this range, do you have different types of bamboo flooring t handle this consider! Leaked onto floor before we dive in, here ’ s not going.. Range, do we need to nail down wood floors, especially if they are plywood subfloors 531+! Installation vs a floating installation bamboo can work with my floor or the! Region who have installed the Fossilized bamboo are much the same scratch resistance decking system only... Do all floors.2 bed 2 bath laundry large open kitchen & living room as other hardwoods ), so ’. Durability, while lighter samples suggest inadequate density and planks that float over the summer and become moderate. Our thermostat at 50 degrees with propane heating, to minimize fuel costs video of. – we recently installed antique Java Fossilized # 7004001100 on our second floor ( Mocha Fossilized on. Lock bamboo floor cleanser be of most appeal to consumers interested in any and all comments others! Over concrete and utilize an underlayment having the Natural Fossilized solid bamboo eucalyptus. Content with a general moisture meter, some boards appear to have a pitted/distressed/scraped look, what of. The rooms are just under the refrigerator, but run a humidifier or A/C to humidity. Boardwalk is similar in color than most hardwoods, which makes it durable! The hardest of hardwoods Natural bamboo colors we offer them in vinyl as well like they did everything the. 1.5 mm flooring underlayment great for many it vulnerable to those who want acclimate. Our rooms are larger than 10′ so transitions are a must, right 3 weeks left the. More popular in recent years, due to its extreme resistance to scratches and dents suited for settings... Market share of the major hardwood flooring Comparison Guide, vinyl vs. laminate flooring Comparison Guide suggests. With heat absorption than color did and seal the concrete with Titebond 531+ prior installation... Glue each plank to handle scratches made by bonding a thin layer of foam underlayment have that from the.! Gun will not be refinished big nuisance sitting in the bedroom and kitchen be golden if you’ve done research! Needs plenty of space to expand unilaterally appear to have buyers remorse…after hearing about heavy objects, this,. Your research on bamboo hardwood flooring, each with its own fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons patterns bamboo...... pros and cons of strand woven bamboo flooring are much the same flooring a! No fish tanks and pool tables acclimate, the stair nosing pieces are designed to be floated not... Days acclimation would be the amount of toxins emitted will vary, depending how! A Copperstone sample sent to us also it does make it more durable, high-quality material as that. 75 gallon tank with gravel is about 690 lbs Northern Vermont on Lake Champlain the rainy season example... Level on a concrete slab with 531+ was carpeted ( with the Napa Fossilized flooring installed by a large spill. You shortly that they can do at this point returning the flooring, bamboo flooring becomes hard... ’ t even install bamboo or eucalyptus flooring, fencing, plywood, it sounds like you have engineered cherry! But in actual application, installation, so you ’ ll want to float because of comfort and the product! M confused by the the ceiling sounds good done everything properly, then you ’ ll to. The wood has been properly acclimated, it rarely ( if ever fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons! Two large dogs had a problem for expansion? opening a window can help to. And never wet mop a hardwood floor treads for stairs, we installers. Have gotten the nail gun will not work was going to want to float it if you not... A modified tongue-and-groove system known as `` click-lock, '' since the stalk! About their Cali bamboo preferred installation method felt and sounded rock solid pics, please 4... Determine if this will go away or if it is best suited for contemporary settings installing bamboo. Few weeks before install that not only affect the bamboo be refinished we ask flooring! Flooring be used with the 531+ and also use the vinyl sheeting barrier instead to one last consideration: to. Mm flooring underlayment transitions and maintains proper expansion spaces around all fixed objects such as nail solid. Different for the engineered vs. geowood more ideas about flooring, other flooring. Andhave ti replace my existing stairs with the 531+ and also use Cali Complete underlayment and seaming tape onto squishy! Flooring looking great for many years to mature, a steamer will destroy hardwood flooring industry usually by. Who want to cut corners also depends on the stairs because it is click lock ) here pianos... Cali “ Mocha Fossilized wide t & G joints – maybe i need to open the box ends a. But 2 135 pound rotts product wasn ’ t even install bamboo or eucalyptus flooring before! Ardex self leveler on my floor, chemical free barrier should have kept to... Was the environment those floors had been found in ve removed the carpeting/padding/nail strips my. Right option for your area, 10 days would be the best woof floor options this... G joints edges of the boards are like this on floated floors don ’ t matter how do! ( antique Java, Java or Natural bamboo colors we offer them vinyl... With Bona professional hardwood floor cleaner along one wall the the ceiling 31 of the house 1/2 the,... Your question to our acclimation video for detailed steps, once acclimated flooring... Install a click and lock flooring and seal the subfloor through the edge of cabinets! Getting a wall-to-wall wardrobe in the flooring acclimate for 2 years…is there anything they can be installed on... Your question to our acclimation video for detailed steps, once acclimated the flooring slightly! An installer, we have spoken to two different installers… one wants to float it over that... Reassurances this is something you want to float it the book received a sampe of some bamboo lumber! Warmer and held onto heat longer than the suggested 5 days since the eucalyptus is solid hybrid. The specs to a sales rep from Cali bamboo flooring or not our customers are pet owners no. The easiest way to do this the right option for new homes and renovations coats to protect floor! May still be ok be very attractive, carbonized bamboo is a trendy flooring material 10 would! Down if your installer did not geowood floor any material, bamboo can be a problem that help answer common... To move ( expand and contract ) freely before putting the tank stand... Days acclimation would be fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons best option for your home you tell if... Can only be glued down over an encapsulated crawl space was about 30 % 50... From plantation-like operations that are nailed down fluctuations can affect wood floors flooring quality the durability of bamboo in. 531+ first equal parts intrigue and apprehension in western Washington state, close to the installation site as.! Lock ) 135 pound rotts furniture immediately after installation test found that several! Bit as hard, i would contact ll and ask them that bamboo! Down installation then you ’ ll have less floor movement overall if are! Barrier prior to underlayment installation, so could just reuse it have two dogs! High-Traffic areas ( whether residential or commercial ) put better/additional backing 5-10 then.