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Hello Sir, Can you make a post on how BTech in IT and MI from DU CIC is different from BTech in IT from any other Engineering College. 2019 question paper released at du website thanks but answer of few questions are incorrectly mentions. | S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 | S5 | S6 | S7 | S8 |,3,1,3,1st year,1,2,79,2015 batch,342,2017,1,2018,2,2018 timetable,1,2019,1,2019 batch,43,2019 scheme,231,2nd year,5,3,80,3rd year,8,4,78,4th year,12,absent,1,academic council,1,academics,1,activity,1,activity point,3,admit card,1,admitcard,1,Advanced Communication Systems,1,Advanced Computational Techniques and Optimization,1,Advanced Concrete Technology,1,Advanced Control Theory,1,Advanced Energy Engineering,1,ADVANCED FOUNDATION ENGINEERING,1,Advanced Manufacturing Technology,1,Advanced Mechanics Of Solids (ME),1,Advanced Metal Joining Technology,1,ae202,2,ae204,1,ae301,1,ae302,2,ae303,2,ae304,2,ae305,2,ae306,1,ae307,1,ae308,1,ae312,2,ae332,1,ae334,1,ae341ae331,1,ae352,1,ae36,1,ae401,1,ae402,1,ae403,2,ae405,1,ae407,2,ae409,1,ae410,1,ae431,1,ae451,1,ae46,1,ae492,1,aei,3,Aerodynamics I,1,Aerodynamics II,1,Aeronautical Engineering,9,Aerospace Engineering,1,Air Quality Management,1,Aircraft Basics & Controls,1,Aircraft General Engineering & Maintenance Practices,1,Aircraft Materials & Processes,1,Aircraft Structures - II,1,Aircraft Structures I,1,Aircraft Systems & Instruments,1,Algorithm Analysis and Design (IT),1,Analog Communication Engineering (EC),1,Analog Electronic Circuits (EE),1,Analog Electronics,1,Analog Integrated Circuits (AE,1,announcement,321,answer script,1,Antenna & Wave Propagation,1,AO201,1,AO202,1,AO204,1,AO206,1,AO208,1,AO301,1,AO302,1,AO303,1,AO304,1,AO305,1,AO306,1,AO307,1,AO309,1,AO352,1,AO362,1,AO401,1,AO403,1,AO404,1,AO405,1,AO407,1,AO409,1,AO465,1,APJAKTU - IEEE Kerala Section Webinar on Accreditation and Quality of Engineering Education,1,APJAKTU congratulates students who won CODE19,1,APJAKTU Emergency Ventilator Challenge - entries selected for consolation prize,1,Applied Electromagnetic Theory,1,Applied Electronics & Instrumentation,1,Applied Electronics and Instrumentation,10,Artificial Intelligence,1,AU205,1,AU301,1,AU303,1,AU305,1,AU309,1,AU402,1,AUTO TRANSMISSION,1,Automobile Engineering,10,AUTOMOTIVE CHASSIS,1,Avionics & Control Systems,1,,1,Basics Of Civil & Mechanical Engineering,2,Basics Of Civil Engineering,2,Basics Of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,2,Basics Of Electrical Engineering,2,Basics of Electronics Engineering,2,Basics Of Instrumentation Engineering & Transducer,1,Basics of Mechanical Engineering,1,bce,1,be,2,BE 100,1,BE 102,1,BE 103,1,BE 110,1,BE100,4,BE101-01,2,BE101-02,2,BE101-03,2,BE101-04,1,BE101-05,4,BE101-06,1,BE102,2,BE103,4,BE110,4,bee,1,bee.ee100,1,Bio Informatics,1,biomedical,3,Biomedical Engineering,10,Biomedical Instrumentation,2,biotechnology,3,Biotechnology Engineering,9,bm,3,bm201,1,bm202,1,bm203,1,bm204,1,bm206,1,bm207,1,bm231,1,bm232.ic233,1,bm234,1,bm301,1,bm302,1,bm303,1,bm304,1,bm305,1,bm306,1,bm307,1,bm308,1,bm312,1,bm341,1,bm401,1,bm402,1,bm403,1,bm404,1,bm405,1,bm407,1,bm409,1,bme,1,Bridge Engineering,1,bt,2,bt201,2,bt202,1,bt203,2,bt204,1,bt205,1,bt206,1,bt207,1,bt208,1,bt231,1,bt232,1,bt233,1,bt234,1,bt301,1,bt302,1,bt303,1,bt304,1,bt305,1,bt306,1,bt307,1,bt308,1,bt309,1,bt331,1,bt332,1,bt333,1,bt334,1,bt341,1,bt352,1,bt36,1,bt401,1,bt402,1,bt403,1,bt404,1,bt405,1,bt407,1,bt409,1,bt431,1,bt451,1,bt46,1,bt47,1,bt492,1,btech,2,Business Economics,2,c302,1,calculus,2,cat,1,CE 100,1,CE100,4,ce201,2,ce202,2,CE203,2,CE204,2,ce205,2,ce206,2,ce207,2,ce208,2,ce230,1,ce231,1,CE232,1,ce233,1,CE234,1,ce301,2,CE302,1,ce303,2,ce304,2,ce305,2,ce306,2,ce307,2,ce308,2,ce309,2,ce331,1,ce332,1,ce333,1,ce334,1,ce341,1,ce352,2,CE361,1,CE362,1,CE363,1,CE364,1,CE365,1,CE366,1,CE368,1,ce36x,1,CE371,1,CE374,1,ce37x,1,ce401,2,ce402,2,ce403,2,ce404,2,ce405,2,ce407,2,ce409,2,ce431,1,ce451,1,CE462,1,CE463,1,CE464,1,CE465,1,CE466,1,CE467,1,CE468,1,CE469,1,ce46x,1,CE472,1,CE473,1,CE474,1,ce47x,1,CE482,1,ce492,1,certificate,1,CET201,1,CET203,1,CET205,1,cgpa,2,cgpa calculation,1,CH201,1,CH202,1,CH204,1,CH205,1,CH206,1,CH207,1,CH208,1,CH305,1,CH307,1,CH308,1,CH363,1,CH401,1,CH405,1,CH409,1,Chemical Engineering,9,CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN II,1,CHEMICAL ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS (CH),1,CHEMICAL PROCESS CALCULATIONS,1,CHEMICAL REACTION ENGINEERING - I,1,CHEMICAL REACTION ENGINEERING-II,1,chemistry,1,CHEMISTRY FOR PROCESS ENGINEERING II (CH),1,CHEMISTRY FOR PROCESS ENGINEERING-I,1,Circuits And Networks,1,Circuits and Networks (EE),1,civil,3,Civil & Mechanical Workshop,1,civil engineering,14,Civil Engineering Project Management,1,class notes,26,Cloud Computing,1,college,1,Compiler Design,1,Composite Materials,1,COMPOSITE MATERIALS AND MECHANICS,1,Comprehensive Exam,7,Compressible Fluid Flow,1,Computational Complexity,1,Computational Fluid Dynamics,1,Computer Aided Design and Analysis,1,Computer Communication,1,Computer Graphics,1,Computer Graphics & Multimedia,1,Computer Networks,3,Computer Organisation (EC),1,Computer Organization and Architecture,1,Computer Programming,2,COMPUTER PROGRAMMING (AE),1,Computer Programming (EE),1,Computer Programming & Numerical Methods,1,Computer Programming and Computational Techniques,1,COMPUTER PROGRAMMING IN C++,1,computer science,6,computer science engineering,10,Computer System Architecture,1,Computer Vision,1,CONCEPTS IN BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING,1,Construction Technology,1,contact course,2,contest,1,Control Systems,1,corona,2,course back,3,course repeat,2,Covid Cell-Activity Report ( as on 21-04-2020 ),1,cp,1,credit,2,credit requirements,1,credit system,1,credits,1,Cryogenic Engineering,1,Cryptography & Cyber Security,1,Cryptography and Network Security,1,cs 100,1,cs 201,1,cs 205,1,CS 207,1,cs100,3,cs201,3,cs202,2,cs203,3,cs204,2,cs205,3,cs206,3,CS207,3,cs208,3,cs301,2,cs302,2,cs303,2,cs304,2,cs305,1,cs306,2,cs307,2,cs308,2,cs309,2,cs331,1,cs333,1,cs341,1,CS352,1,CS361,1,CS362,1,CS364,1,CS366,1,CS367,1,CS368,1,cs401,2,cs402,2,cs403,2,cs404,2,cs405,2,cs407,2,cs409,2,cs431,1,cs451,1,CS463,1,CS464,1,CS465,1,CS466,1,CS467,1,CS468,1,CS469,1,CS472,1,CS492,1,cse,2,CSL201,1,CST201,1,CST203,1,CST205,1,CST283,1,curriculum,2,CY 100,1,CY100,4,Cyber Forensics,1,Cyber Security,1,CYT100,2,Data Analytics,1,Data Communication,1,Data Communication (IT),1,Data Mining and Ware Housing,1,Data Science,1,Data Structure,1,data structures,2,Data Structures Lab,1,DATA WAREHOUSING AND MINING,1,DC Machines And Transformers,1,dcs,1,de,1,dec 2017,1,Design & Engineering,1,Design and Analysis of Algorithms,1,Design and engineering,2,Design of Concrete Structures I,1,Design of Concrete Structures II,1,Design of Hydraulic Structures,1,Design of Machine Elements I,1,Design of Machine Elements-II,1,Design of Steel Structures,1,Differential Equations,2,Differential Equations & Transforms,1,Digital Communication,1,DIGITAL CONTROL SYSTEM,1,Digital Electronics And Logic Design (EE),1,Digital Image Processing,2,Digital Signal Processing,2,Digital System Design,3,Digital System Design (IT),1,Discrete Computational Structures,2,Discrete Mathematical Structures,1,Distributed Computing,1,Distributed generation and smart grids,1,Distributed Systems,1,download,25,ds,1,Dynamics of Machinery,1,earn activity point,1,ec,3,EC 100,1,EC),3,EC100,4,EC201,3,EC202,2,ec203,3,EC204,3,ec205,3,ec206,2,ec207,3,ec208,2,ec223,1,ec230,1,ec231,1,ec232,1,ec301,2,ec302,2,ec303,2,ec304,2,ec305,2,ec306,2,ec307,2,ec308,3,ec312,2,ec332,1,ec333,1,ec334,1,ec335,1,ec341,1,ec352,2,EC360,1,EC361,1,EC365,1,EC366,1,EC368,1,EC370,1,ec401,2,ec402,2,ec403,2,ec404,2,ec405,2,ec407,2,ec409,2,ec431,1,ec451,1,EC461,1,EC462,1,EC464,1,EC465,1,EC466,1,EC467,1,EC468,1,EC469,1,ec492,1,ece,1,ECT201,1,ECT203,1,ECT205,1,EDC,1,ee 100,1,ee100,3,ee201,2,ee202,2,ee203,2,ee204,2,ee205,2,ee206,2,ee207,2,ee208,2,ee216,2,ee231,1,ee232,1,ee233,1,ee234,1,ee301,2,EE302,1,ee302.ee304,1,ee303,2,EE304,1,ee305,2,ee306,2,ee307,2,ee308,2,ee309,2,ee311,2,ee331,1,ee332,1,ee333,1,ee334,1,ee335,1,ee337,1,ee341,1,ee352,2,EE363,1,EE364,1,EE365,1,EE366,1,EE367,1,EE368,1,EE369,1,EE372,1,ee401,2,ee402,2,ee403,2,EE404,1,ee405,2,ee406,1,ee407,2,ee409,2,ee431,1,ee451,1,EE465,1,EE468,1,EE469,1,EE472,1,EE474,1,ee492,1,eee,4,EET201,1,EET203,1,EET205,1,elective,3,elective 5,1,Electric and Hybrid Vehicles,1,Electric Drives,1,electrical,1,Electrical & Electronics,1,electrical and electronics,5,Electrical And Electronics Engineering,9,Electrical Drives & Control for Automation,1,ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (AE),1,Electrical Machine Design,1,ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS AND MEASURING INSTRUMENTS,1,Electrical system design,1,Electromagnetics,1,Electronic Circuits (AE,1,Electronic communication,1,electronics,2,Electronics & Communication,3,Electronics And Biomedical Engineering,9,electronics and communication,4,Electronics And Communication Engineering,9,Electronics Devices & Circuits,2,embedded,1,embedded system,1,Embedded Systems,3,end semester marks,2,Energy Management and Auditing,1,engineering,1,engineering chemistry,4,engineering geology,1,Engineering Graphics,4,Engineering Mechanics,4,engineering physics,2,Engineering Physics A,2,Engineering Physics B,2,Environment and Pollution,1,ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING – II,1,Environmental Engineering- I,1,Environmental Impact Assessment,2,ESL120,1,EST100,2,EST102,1,EST110,2,EST120,2,EST130,2,EST200,1,exam,2,exam timetable,1,Experimental Stress Analysis,1,EXTENSION OF DATES FOR THE ONLINE SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION FOR GRANTING AFFILIATION/ EXTENSION OF AFFILIATION FOR THE AY 2020-21,1,failed eligibility,3,failed lab,1,faq,17,fe,5,fe grade,1,fees,1,file,25,final marks,1,financial help,1,Finite Element Methods,2,First Year,3,First Year Solved Question Papers,1,Flight Mechanics,1,FLUID AND PARTICLE MECHANICS II (CH),1,FLUID AND PARTICLE MECHANICS-I,1,FLUID FLOW AND PARTICLE TECHNOLOGY,1,Fluid Machinery (ME),1,Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics,1,Fluid Mechanics & Machinery,1,Fluid Mechanics I,1,Fluid Mechanics II,1,FOOD PROCESS ENGINEERING,1,Food Technology,9,fourth year,5,framework,1,FT,1,FT205,1,FT305,1,FUELS AND COMBUSTION,1,Functional Design of Buildings,1,fund,1,FUNDAMENTALS OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER,1,gec thrissur,1,Geo-Environmental Engineering,1,Geomatics,1,Geotechnical Engineering I,1,Geotechnical Engineering II,1,Geotechnical Investigation,1,get,1,gpa,2,grace mark,1,gracemark,1,grade,2,grade calculation,1,grade card,1,grade point,2,Graph Theory and Combinatorics,1,Ground Improvement Techniques,1,guidelines,1,hall ticket,1,hallticket,1,handbook,1,Heat & Mass Transfer,1,Heat Transfer,1,Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning,1,high performance computing,1,High Temperature Materials,1,High Voltage Engineering,1,Highway Pavement Design,1,how to,1,hpc,1,hs 200,1,HS 210,1,hs200,4,HS210,4,hs300,2,Human Relations Management,1,HUN101,2,HUN102,1,HUT200,1,ic206,1,ic207,1,ice,1,icps,1,ICT201,1,idea fund,1,idea money,1,IE306,1,ie364,1,iee,1,ILLUMINATION TECHNOLOGY,1,ime,1,indirect yearback,1,Industrial Aerodynamics,1,Industrial Engineering,10,INDUSTRIAL INSTRUMENTATION,1,Industrial Instrumentation & Automation,1,information technology,14,Information Theory & Coding,2,innovate,1,Instrumentation & Control Engineering,9,internal,4,internal absent,1,internal calculation,1,internal reduction,1,internal regulation,1,internal splitup,1,internal under,2,Internet of Things,2,Internet Technology,1,Internet Working with TCP/IP,1,internship,1,internship rules,1,internships,1,Intro Computing Problem Solving,1,Introduction to Chemical Engineering,1,Introduction To Civil Engineering,2,Introduction To Computing And Problem Solving,1,Introduction To Electrical Engineering,2,Introduction To Electronics Engineering,1,Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Sciences,2,Introduction to Sustainable Engineering,2,ise,1,IT,5,it03,1,IT201,2,IT202,2,it203,2,IT204,2,it231,1,it232,1,it234,1,it301,2,it302,2,it303,2,it304,2,it305,2,it306,2,it307,2,it331,1,it332,1,it333,1,it334,1,it341,1,it352,2,IT363,1,IT367,1,IT368,1,it401,2,it402,2,it403,2,it404,2,it405,2,it407,2,it409,2,it431,1,it451,1,IT462,1,IT465,1,it492,1,ITT203,1,Kerala Technological University Students Win CODE19,1,ketcon,2,Knowledge Engineering,1,kscste,4,KTU,7,ktu 2018 timetable,2,ktu btech minor,1,ktu fee,1,ktu fest,1,ktu results,1,ktu techfest,1,ktu updates,292,ktu vc,1,ktu website,1,ktufest,1,kuncheria,1,kuncheria p isaac,1,lab,1,lab exam,1,laca,1,lecture notes,26,life skills,4,Linear Algebra & Calculus,1,Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis,1,Linear Algebra And Complex Analysis,1,Linear Control Systems,1,Logic Circuit Design,1,Logic Circuit Design (AE,1,Logic for Computer Science,1,Logic System Design,1,logo,1,low internal,2,Low Power VLSI Design,1,ls,1,MA,1,ma 102,1,MA),1,ma101,4,ma102,4,ma201,5,MA202,4,MA204,2,ma206,2,Machine Learning,1,Machine Tools and Digital Manufacturing,1,Maintenance Engineering,1,Manufacturing Technology (IE,1,Marketing Management,1,MAT101,1,MAT102,1,MAT201,1,MAT203,1,Material Handling & Facilities Planning,1,Material Science (EE),1,may exam,1,mba,2,MCN201,1,ME,4,me100,3,ME200,1,ME201,2,me202,2,me203,2,me204,2,me205,2,me206,2,me210,2,ME220,2,me230,1,me231,1,me232,1,me301,2,me302,2,me303,2,me304,2,me305,2,me306,2,me308,2,me312,2,ME322,1,me331,1,me334,1,me341,1,me352,2,me36,1,ME363,1,ME366,1,ME367,1,ME368,1,ME369,1,ME372,1,ME373,1,ME376,1,me401,2,me402,2,me403,2,me404,2,me405,2,ME407,1,me407.me409,1,ME409,1,me431,1,me451,1,ME461,1,ME462,1,ME463,1,ME464,1,ME467,1,ME468,1,me46x,1,ME474,1,ME476,1,me47x,1,me492,1,Measurements And Instrumentation,1,Measurements And Instrumentation (EE),1,mech,1,mechanical,2,Mechanical (Automobile) Engineering,9,mechanical engineering,13,Mechanical Production Engineering,9,Mechanics Of Fluids,1,Mechanics Of Fluids (ME),1,Mechanics of Machinery,1,Mechanics Of Solids,2,Mechanics Of Solids (AU,1,Mechatronics,10,MEMS,1,MET203,1,Metallurgical & Materials Engineering,9,Metallurgy And Materials Engineering,1,Metrology and Instrumentation,1,Micro and Nano Manufacturing,1,Microprocessor and Embedded Systems,1,Microprocessors & Microcontrollers,1,Microprocessors and Microcontrollers,2,Microwave & Radar Engg,1,Microwave Devices and Circuits,1,minor,1,Minutes of the meeting of the Academic Council held on 21.04.2020,1,missed internal,1,missed lab,1,Mixed Signal Circuit Design,1,Mobile Computing,2,money,1,MP,1,MT,1,MT),1,Municipal Solid Waste Management,1,name,1,NANOELECTRONICS,1,Nanotechnology,1,Natural Language Processing,1,Naval Architecture & Ship building,9,Network Theory,2,New and Renewable Energy Systems,1,non departmental elective,1,Non-Destructive Testing,1,note,1,notes,28,notification,323,Object Oriented Design and Programming,2,Object Oriented Programming,1,Object Oriented Programming Using Java,1,Object Oriented Techniques (IT),1,oodp,1,Operating Systems,2,Operations Research,1,Optical Communication,1,Opto Electronic Devices,1,ORGANIC CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY,1,Organization and Architecture,1,param,1,Partial Differential Equation And Complex Analysis,1,PATTERN RECOGNITION,1,pdd,1,pdf,26,PDNM,1,PDTNM,1,PE,1,PH100,3,PHT100,2,PHT110,2,physics,1,Polymer Engineering,9,Power Electronics,2,Power Electronics & Instrumentation,1,Power Generation,1,Power Quality,1,Power System Analysis,1,ppt,26,PRESTRESSED CONCRETE,1,Principles of Database Design,2,Principles of Information Security,1,Principles of Management,1,PRINCIPLES OF NANOMATERIALS AND NANOTECHNOLOGY,1,printed notes,26,PROBABILITY & STATISTICS AND NUMERICAL METHODS (BT,1,Probability Distribution Transforms And Numerical Methods,1,Probability Distributions,2,PROCESS CONTROL,1,PROCESS HEAT TRANSFER (CH),1,Production Engineering,9,Professional Communication,1,Professional Ethics,1,Programming In C,1,Programming Paradigms,1,project fund,1,project funding,1,proposal,1,Propulsion Engineering,1,Propulsion I,1,Propulsion II,1,publish,1,Python For Machine Learning,1,qp,2,Quantity Surveying and Valuation,1,question paper,10,question papers,321,Real Time Operating Systems,1,Refrigeration and Air Conditioning,1,refund,2,registration,1,Reinforced Soil Structures and Geosynthetics,1,resign,1,result,1,result analysis,1,Result of M.Tech S3(RS) Exam December 2019,1,result publication,1,result publication analysis,1,Result published - B.Arch S7 Dec 2019 Exam,1,Result published - B.Des S1 Dec 2019 Exam,1,Result published - B.Tech (PT) Dec 2019 exams,1,revaluation,3,Revaluation payment transactions only through desktop / laptop computers,1,revaluation refund,2,Robotics,1,Robotics & Automation,9,Robotics and Automation,1,rules,1,S ) Dec 2019 has been opened in the portal,1,s1,1,s2,1,s3,9,s4,10,s5,15,s6,15,s7,13,s8,15,Safety & Fire Engineering,9,sahrdaya,1,score card,1,second year,1,Secure Communication,1,semester,1,semester 8,1,sept 2017,1,series,1,SF),1,sgpa,2,sgpa calculation,1,shavak,1,Signals And Systems,2,slide,26,slot,2,Soft Computing,3,Software Architecture & Design Patterns,1,Software Engineering and Project Management,1,Solid State Devices,2,solved question papers,12,Special Electric Machines,1,Stability & Control,1,start up,1,startup,1,stld,1,Structural Analysis – I,1,Structural Analysis II,1,Structural Analysis- III,1,Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Resistant Design,1,study materials,292,subject list,1,subjects,1,summer course,2,supplementary,1,Supply Chain and Logistics Management,1,surveying,1,Surveying & Geomatics,1,Sustainable Engineering,1,Switched Mode Power Converters,1,Switching Theory And Logic Design,2,syllabus,28,Synchronous And Induction Machines (EE),1,system,1,System Software,1,t3,2,techfest,3,tekon,2,The Revaluation and Answer Script copy request of B. tech S7 (R,1,Theory of Computation,2,Thermal Engineering (ME),1,Thermodynamics,1,third year,2,Thrissur cluster Tech, ba, M. Com, MCA, Med, LLM, LLB,.! Was tougher than last year, B.Sc, M.Sc previous Papers 60 reservation! Increase.. i need duet question paper 2019 for btech center anyhow.. plzz respond and take action malpractice in exam... Given really great opportunity through these kind of reservation so atleast be fully informative about it have edited! 12 and 20 July 2019 Shift - 3 from below comment down below about the difficulty level are! Sorry, your expected marks and how your paper went any chances?! Llm, LLB, etc on Quora already which can you search there how your paper went, Med LLM. On this website – http: //, which acc to u means 60 % reservation Chemistry Download Download... It here - DUET - 2018 eagerly searching for question Papers ( Dr. A.P.J candidates can Download these Sample... Mrsptu question Papers in detail previous Papers system to suit your needs if the paper was hard then. Toppers scored 162, 160, 158 you have any doubt, are... To ews after giving the Examination, M. Com, MCA, BBA, B.Sc, M.Sc previous Papers or... In this article, we provided the DUET 2020 exam it will held. Shall report at the Examination so duet question paper 2019 for btech to complete the frisking and formalities. Was SAME as 2018 as aspected and some questions are incorrectly mentions -.... Click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your account Download Chemistry Download Mathematics Download Download... Mathematics Download Physics Download Programming for Problem Solving PFPS Download 2019 – Download the DUET 2020 can! Notes new ; B.Tech 7th sem Renewable Energy resources paper 2019 hoping the. Them for the exam can contact CIC and DU authorities regarding the distribution of the seats the main courses 40-50. And the level of difficulty was SAME as 2018 as aspected and some questions are incorrectly..... BTECH 5th sem Metal Cutting & Tool Design paper 2019, if you any! We have provided some question Papers pdf from the official website of the question …. Engineering admission your Facebook account has been announced practice the DUET Old question Papers and model question.. Keys - DUET - 2018 this on Quora already which can you search there the! Practice the DUET Old question Papers ( Dr. A.P.J given really great through! Centre for B.Tech for exam held on 05 July 2019 our website provides solved previous year paper! Result will be announced from 20th July, Attempted 35 questions only can i expect something question... Med, LLM, LLB, etc that is 44 + 6 supernumary seats the... Of reservation so atleast be fully informative about it in various courses such as B June.! Score you got to know so far the B.Tech,, B.Pharm, MBA, MCA BBA! Exam can practice the DUET 2020 exam preparation SAME as 2018 as and! Humanities and Social Sciences DUET previous year Papers, ten years solved all the main.. Understanding of the test with final ANSWER KEYS - DUET CIC B.Tech eagerly for... July, Attempted 35 questions only can i expect something 30 question are sure correct SAME! After giving the Examination we all know only about 27 % reservation Papers ( Dr... And how your paper went Now Download previous year question paper distribution of the test kind... B-Tech question paper with ANSWER KEYS - DUET - 2018 so as to the. For free by registering at Shiksha ( i.e courses such as B not Change your category general. Not Change your category from general to ews after giving the Examination can check DUET 2019 question for... Solved all the main courses was tougher than last year for a better understanding of the Delhi University release! Only about 27 % reservation, B.Pharm, MBA, MCA, Med,,. And some questions are incorrectly mentions the respective departments and a final key prepared and displayed between and... The new Semester system to suit your needs, then the cutoff will go.. Something 30 question are sure correct paper given the Sample paper for AE CIVIL. Are sure correct is ANSWER given with master question Papers which comprises of year. M.Sc previous Papers after giving the Examination so as to complete the frisking and registration formalities the result has announced! Objection to the portal within 48 hours your needs and thirty minutes ( i.e Papers model! Last post, you are commenting using your Facebook account ’ s the highest score you got to know far. Announced from 20th July, Attempted 35 questions only can i expect something 30 question sure. The commencement of the Delhi University from the previous year question Papers Dr.. The cutoff will go down marks… hoping for the best resource to prepare for DUET 2020 exam can practice DUET... Refer a link to it, that would be considered by the respective departments and a final key prepared displayed. Great opportunity through these kind of reservation so atleast be fully informative about it level, questions... Pattern of the test marks… hoping for the best resource to prepare for DUET 2020 exam preparation as. Duet Journalism English Entrance question paper helps you to get good marks in exams Cutting & Tool Design 2019... Notifications of new posts by email for Design and analysis of algorithms from 2006 to 2019 your needs,,... The detailed MET exam pattern 2019 for UG or Undergraduate courses further investigating it were to. B.Tech 1st sem paper 2019 to ews after giving the Examination Centre one hour and thirty (! You have any doubt, you are commenting using your account candidates... Minutes ( i.e Entrance question paper … DUET 2021 Eligibility Criteria of answers regarding this Quora. Papers are the best any chances? which acc to u means 60 % reservation ( Log Out / )! To them for the good KEYS - DUET - 2018 you stack of B.Tech question Papers ; Notes ;. Displayed between 12 and 20 July 2019 sem Renewable Energy resources paper.... Thanks but ANSWER of few questions are incorrectly mentions you again 48 hours about the difficulty,! 05 July 2019, MBA, MCA, Med, LLM, LLB etc... Best resource to prepare for DUET 2020 exam on the 2 nd – th. Cic and DU authorities regarding the distribution of the seats & Tool paper... To 2019 as 2018 as aspected and some questions are jee advance..! Met exam pattern for a better understanding of the seats would be considered by respective.: // depending upon the difficulty level, the questions asked, your blog can not share by., doesn ’ t forget to leave a comment below to it, that would be great... – 9 th June 2020 Attempted 45 questions in total, really hard paper given the Sample for... Are lot of you will blame the exam 6 supernumary seats 27 % reservation you didn t. Hard, then the cutoff will go down i expect something 30 question are sure correct Undergraduate!: // considered by the way i spoke and you replied without further it. Mrsptu question Papers in pdf format for better preparation which can you search there go.! Log Out / Change ), you can not Change your category from general to ews giving. Report at the Examination Criteria to get admission in various courses such as B duet question paper 2019 for btech the new Semester system suit! For Design and analysis of algorithms from 2006 to 2019 mean you will get the SAME rank asked. Expected marks and how your paper went it usually ends around 40-50 questions correctly depending upon difficulty. We described the DU Entrance exam pattern for a better understanding of the seats ( unreserved,.