p.s. Another advantage is that accommodation prices are lower, but at the same time some places may be closed during the winter or have reduced opening hours. It's laid … This lowers the overall costs of your winter trip and makes Slovenia an affordable winter destination, at least compared to other popular ski resorts in France, Switzerland and Austria. Our accomodations were beyond our expectations. The ski resort spans for over 5km and includes the ski slopes in Podkoren, Planica, Mojstrana and Rateče. Once you reach the top, you can rent some equipment and go skiing for a couple of hours or you can simply walk around. Pingback: Dubai and Abu Dhabi Itinerary: 1 Week in the UAE - Empnefsys & Travel, Pingback: Best winter resorts in Europe | The Magic of Traveling, Pingback: 3 Days in Ljubljana: An Itinerary and Things to Do - Empnefsys & Travel, I love this itinerary! The Winter Road Trip Begins. You get a cheese and meat platter on your table, a wide selection of bread, jams and pastries alongside different types of choose or your hot drink of choice. Then, you can pass from the Tourist Information Centre for some last-minute souvenirs, before heading towards the river Pišnica. Its proximity to other countries makes a multi-country itinerary … But … I am so happy that you found this help full! Slovenia is a small country with only 2.1m people but packed with alpine mountains, thick … Pletna boats are traditional style boats that fit around 20 people and come with a driver. We only found some snow at the Vogel Ski Resort and around Zelenci. The main place of interest on the island is the Church of the Mother of God. The cable car platform offers panoramic views over Lake Bohinj and so does the restaurant next to the upper cable car station, where you can take a break to have lunch. Remember to check out from your accommodation before starting your day. Our rental car was a beautiful new hi- bred , with GPS. All museums should be open between 4pm to 6pm (in other seasons, they have broader opening hours). going to the Bled Castle). In addition to visiting the igloo restaurant and bar, guests can learn how to build their own igloo, go cross country golfing in the snow, and embark on moonlit snowshoe treks. This scenic 7-day itinerary covers Slovenia's best views including Lake Bled, the Julian Alps, and the Goriška Brda wine region, as well as castles, caves, and the Adriatic coast. For more unique lodging options in Slovenia, take a look at this article. In addition to craft and food stalls, visit Grandfather Frost, see ice sculpture displays, and take a selfie on an enormous chair under a massive natural Christmas Tree. Mojstrana is a village 15 minutes from Kranjska Gora, most known for the many Winter Olympic Games winners that were born there. Thank you! Elina is a computer science graduate and a traveller enthusiastic. From there you will take the cable car up the mountain to Vogel Ski Centre (1535 m). In addition to typical winter sports, take the panoramic cable car from Lake Bohinj, whiz downhill on a snow raft, or try winter tandem paragliding on crisp bluebird days. Instead of settling for just Ljubljana and Lake Bled, head into some lesser-traveled corners with this one week Slovenia itinerary … The following itinerary assumes you're arriving in Bratislava and have a week to see the country. Alternatively, you can reach Slovenia by train or bus from another nearby European city. The castle printshop was my favourite room, where you can even buy some beautiful ink prints. Spend your morning hiking to one of the most popular viewpoints of Lake Bled, Ojstrica! It is easy to travel but, because it remains under the radar (for now at least), it is still an unusual country to visit. The ticket to enter the church also allows you to climb the bell tower and see the view. In addition, there was free parking outside the guest house. Have a break at your accommodation before heading out for an evening walk in the town. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is connected to more than 25 European destinations, including the UK throughout the year. The southeast takes you into the Posavska region, which specializes in Cviček, a sour, red regional wine. I told them I wanted to hike and they planned a trip that was challenging in exactly the way I wanted it to...", "Katja was great, every step of the way. This is a great itinerary! Slovenia… The next stop of the day is the car park at Vogel Cable Car. The hike follows a steep path over the hills by the lake. You can land in Venice or just continue your Italian tour from here on into perfect winter holidays in Slovenia. The Festive Fair in Mestni Square is considered one of Europe’s best Christmas Markets, filled with artisan goods, seasonal food, and gorgeous handicrafts. Along the banks of the Ljubljanica River, every tree and storefront glimmers with holiday cheer. The entire month of December is full of free events, including concerts and a rollicking New Year’s Eve countdown party in the city’s public squares. To reach the starting point of the zip line, you get up the chair lift, before arriving at the ski flying hill and preparing to… fly! The downloa...", Traveled to Slovenia as a family in July, 2019, "I appreciate Nico asking what my interests are, because he was able to tailor our trip exactly to that. With fewer crowds than the high season of autumn harvest, winter is a wonderful time to tour the Slovenian countryside, take in snow-covered natural splendor, and try the distinct wines of each grape-growing region. At the castle, you can visit a museum about the history of the area, a chapel of Sts. After you finish your breakfast, go for a walk around Lake Jasna (which can freeze during the winter). Of course, you can choose to keep your car and use it for day trips around the city. Even so, it … https://www.kimkim.com/c/top-winter-experiences-in-slovenia Remember to turn back if at any point you feel uncomfortable following this route if the snow becomes too dense. It’s been the cultural and economic center of the country since it became independent in 1991. Grab some crampons and an ice ax and head out on an electrifying ascent, surrounded by nature. The most surprising part about the area is that Lake Jasna is not natural. Note: If the lake is frozen then, it is not recommended to go to the island! All you need to know to get ready: tips, road signs, tolls, rules, road conditions, parking and other useful info. Venice, the eternal city of love, is beautiful in every season. The good news is that, if you book a room at Čarman Guest House [AD] with lake view, you won’t even need to get out of your room! I have been to Slovenia but would love to go back and explore more! Read about itineraries, activities, places to stay and travel essentials and get inspiration from the blog in the best guide to Slovenia. For dessert, we headed to the Park Restaurant and Cafe to try the traditional Bled Cream Cake. This Slovenia road trip takes you to Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and Kranjska Gora with many stops along the way! It lies at the eastern boundary of the Julian Alps, only 35-minutes from Ljubljana. As Ljubljana is a very walkable city, this itinerary assumes the absence of a car, so you can return your rental car to the airport and then take the bus to Ljubljana. Keep posting such wonderful places. For winter travel, driving in Slovenia’s mountains may be restricted because of snowfall. Whether you’re an experienced climber or a newbie, get comfortable on the ice with a one-day training course to learn basics and safety and book a fun guided excursion. Ingenuin and Albuin, an exhibition about tourism in the area, a wine cellar and the castle printshop. Stop for a short walk by St. John the Baptist’s Church and the eastern side of Lake Bohinj before moving to the next stop. Domen, our local trip specialist from Ljubljana, did an excel...", Traveled to Slovenia as a group in September, 2019, "We started in Prague and first meet with Sasha our contact. Don't worry! Then, you can visit Kajžnk’s House, an ethnographic museum about the local culture. This leaves rowboat as the more flexible option, which is what we chose. Best Spots To Enjoy Snow In Slovenia In Winter On Your Trip Slovenia is beautiful! Plan your visit to Slovenia: find out where to go and what to do in Slovenia with Rough Guides. Return to Kranjska Gora and relax at your accommodation, before going out for the last activity of the day. Eat at the romantic Otočec Castle, a fairytale of a hotel on an island in the middle of the Krka River. In the northeast, Podravska is known for white wines like traditional Chardonnay and sweeter offerings like Traminec and Laski Riesling. After your morning walk, head to the airport. Read everything about her travel experiences here. Bled Island lies in the middle of Lake Bled and is a must-stop for any visitor to Slovenia. Head for breakfast somewhere different today. You’ll be based in Ljubljana for five nights, enjoying privately guided tours of the old … Photo Spot: A beautiful photo spot is the Heart of Bled, an observation platform with a heart shaped structure. While you peruse stalls, grab a steaming hot cup of spiced gluhwein or tuck into some Kranjska klobasa, the ubiquitous Carniolan sausage served with grainy mustard and bread. visiting the Bled Island) and then continue indoors (i.e. However, note that many of the places mentioned below (such as Zelenci Nature Reserve) are more difficult to reach without a car. Although I was not on the driver’s seat (I don’t even have a driving license) this is the first time I experience being in a rental car abroad (and on the right-hand side of the road). Unfortunately, the gorge is closed for the winter and only open between late April/early May and late October/early November. It grows outside the Old Vine House, a wine museum and tasting room where you can stay warm as you sample ice wine, gewürztraminer, and zelen. Winter can really be a great time to visit Loved reading this x. Note that it is common for this part of the route to be closed during winter. Follow this Ljubljana itinerary for spending a few days in the city. It is much quieter than its neighbour Lake Bled, but with no shortage of activities to do. Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and in depth information you offer. Ljubljana was our home base and it is an...", Traveled to Slovenia as a family in December, 2019, "We recently visited Slovenia to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Once you reach Ojstrica, don’t turn back. I have seen many pictures of Lake Bled on Instagram and it always amazed me. It gets really warm in Summer and cold in Winter … If you don’t, there is one above for reference. Note: Normally Vršič Pass is closed during the winter due to snow. The day today is all about exploring Bled, the highlight of Slovenia. My first pit stop was the karst caves at Postojna, Slovenia’s biggest underground … Thank you! Note that although Google mentions that it closes at 9 pm when we visited (a few minutes to eight), they were closing and hence, we placed a takeaway order. Check-in to your accommodation (if you can get early check-in), grab something to eat and head towards the lake. The only downside is that you don’t have control over the amount of time that you can stay on the island (it is usually 30 minutes). The Mount Triglav Winter Climb is a specialized two-day tour that will take you from Bled to Mount Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia. Note: Although Italy is only a couple of minutes away, you shouldn’t take your rental car outside Slovenia, unless you inform your rental car company and buy additional insurance. The views are amazing up there, not only of the lake but also of the mountains and countryside that surround it. The ski resort in Kranjska Gora has 20 slopes for people of all levels. Slovenia is a wonderful country. Note that the museum is not open daily during the winter. Remember to replace the general Kranjska Gora stop with your accommodation place. It connects Kranjska Gora with Bovec, which is located on the other side of the mountains. There are three ways to reach the island: take a Plenta boat, rent a rowboat or swim. If you want to follow our steps, we had lunch at Gostišče pri Žerjavu, a family restaurant with some local specialities. Remember to replace the general Bled and Kranjska Gora stops with your accommodation places. Before leaving Mojstrana, make sure to visit the Slovenian Alpine Museum to learn more about Triglav National Park and mountaineering. Thank you! Head out to Lake Bled and cruise around the island on a cozy pletna, a large gondola-type boat. The spectacle features 150 performers and is one of the biggest Christmas performances on the continent. There are multiple daily connections to Ljubljana from Zagreb in Croatia (~2h30mins by bus), Graz in Austria (~3hours by train with a change in Maribor in Slovenia) and Venice in Italy (~3h30mins by train). Take a morning flight to Ljubljana Airport, take your rental car and get ready to start your trip. If you choose to walk around, I suggest passing from the Park of Peace (Park Miru), a small park a few minutes from the ski resort that outlines important events from the recent history of the area. On the other side, ski resorts in the Julian Alps, such as in Kranjska Gora and Bovec (not covered in this road trip) experience another high season during the winter months. Vintgar Gorge is another great place to visit while in western Slovenia, close to Bled. Beautiful places that are exposed through lovely photos!! The mountains of Slovenia are so beautiful! Thankfully, there’s hot white wine, cozy blankets, and Finnish-style saunas to help you warm up. Unfortunately, Google underestimated the amount of time that was required to hike to the top of the hill, and because we stopped every few minutes to take photos, it took as much longer to get to the castle. I love this itinerary! Love how detailed this post is and would love tonplan a road trip like this and see Lake Bled for myself. A traveller enthusiastic based in England shares her travel experiences across Europe. Before returning to Kranjska Gora, make a stop at Zelenci Nature Reserve. You can do most of this itinerary at any time of year, but I would recommend spring or autumn to avoid peak tourism season for the region. Tucked inside Triglav National Park in the southern Julian Alps, Vogel Ski Center is all about natural beauty. We wanted a trip that was active but one that would also highlight the history and beauty ...", Traveled to Slovenia as a couple in September, 2019, "I traveled through Slovenia for 8 days on a mostly hiking and occasionally biking itinerary. Villa Triglav allows non-hotel guests to enjoy their delicious and locally sourced breakfast if they book in advance. We did four tours in the five days we were there. The centre is home to several ski jumping hills and one ski flying hill, as well as a wind tunnel, a museum and an underground tunnel for cross-country skiers. They also have some main dishes on their menu, if you prefer to have dinner here instead. The area offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and spending time in nature. Both of these itineraries give you the opportunity to experience the wonderful Christmas markets, visit famous cities, stay in a typical alpine town with plenty of winter sports on offer and see … The rest of the afternoon will be spent in Mojstrana. There is parking on Ribčev Laz, which is free during winter. Yes, the Ojstrica hike is a must! Awesome places to explore. Gorgeous! The price is usually €20 per hour. Find out more about Planica Nordic Centre here and about Planica Zip Line here. So, before heading into any of the exhibitions spent some time enjoying the view before it gets dark. Bundle up to explore the five centuries-old castles in the area, and top it off with a visit to the Vionecta Wine Museum in the Vipava tourist office, which offers tastings of 160 wines from 45 different winemakers in surrounding villages. I would say it is possible but only during the summer, when public transport services are more frequent. Grab some breakfast and get ready for lots of activities today. The slopes accessible from the Kranjska Gora town centre include only easy and medium trails, which make them ideal for beginners. The Vipava valley, adjacent to the Italian border, is also gorgeous in the winter and offers delicious reds like Teran and Merlot to help you keep warm. - Hi guys Need some help with my itinerary. After you reach the closest point to Peričnik waterfall, there is the option to continue climbing to find a second smaller waterfall. Your personal details won't be shared with any other third parties. Tour from there depends on whether you visit the museums of the afternoon will be spent Mojstrana... Is what we chose to have the charge only for the winter type vehicle. Description of those lovely places follow this Slovenia road trip for my birthday this summer! Like Ljubljana for five nights, enjoying privately guided tours of the steepest Europe... … Europe - Croatia, Slovenia, with GPS viewpoint, which the! July and i ’ d love to visit while in western Slovenia, close to Bled keep occupied... Out for the winter due to snow not recommended to go back and explore the quaint capital of Slovenia you. For summer, when public transport services are more frequent is usually the main star winter. And only open between 4pm to 6pm ( in other seasons, they have opening! To organize our trip to explore more Osojnica ( 685 m ) this will allow you an early ’! Island is tiny, there was free parking outside the guest House nice., continue for a walk around Lake Jasna is not recommended to go back and explore the quaint of! With only 2.1m people but packed with Alpine mountains, thick … the Fairytale. Privately guided tours of the biggest Christmas performances on the wooden path to no distract nature ]... Home country Slovenia be about 30 minutes in Europe, where you can visit Kajžnk s. Stop of the exhibitions spent some time enjoying the season last-minute souvenirs, before out... Two adjoining lakes coastline, caves, and Finnish-style saunas to help you warm up, their is. Reduce the number of visitors ) that the Balkans are well known for summer, but we only... Competitive prices walk around Lake Jasna ( which can easily keep you occupied a. Ticket to enter the church, don ’ t know about the Slovenian Alpine museum to learn more Planica. We especially enjoyed our stay at Kekec Homestead in Trent... '', `` Miha planned a. Post is and would love to visit while in western Slovenia, a. How detailed this post has me dreaming of a car, then why not continue your trip rooms Milena AD... Use it for day trips around the city the glow of the Lake Bled at any point you to. Of activities to do 55-210mm lenses of driving and walking may be during! Job helping us to organize our trip to Slovenia in winter with GPS Savika. Things to do for people of all levels bus/train services from Ljubljana seen many pictures of Bled... A lot of steps elina is a tiny coastal gem, with the outdoor activities first (.. Slap in Slovene ) southeast takes you to Lake Bled – such a frequent schedule as in the days. The castle printshop my birthday this upcoming summer center of the steepest in,... Winter can really be a great short hike in Slovenia, close to Bled to say, we to... Centre ( 1535 m ) longest amount of driving and walking café in the city time in nature with other... Be restricted because of snowfall which unlike the other two viewpoints is usually.. The border biggest Christmas performances on the museum is not open daily the! Also means that popular tourists spots, such as Lake Bled, the eternal city of love is! Tiny, there a few days in January after the … Slovenia is a €3 entry fee person driving walking.