VIRTUAL CONFERENCE FOR Doctors, PAs, RNs, FNPs | Concierge Medicine Today's 2020 CONCIERGE MEDICINE FORUM, Online CONFERENCE | Nov 2020. Posted by 1 day ago. Rising. Some physicians solely work on sure diseases or injuries, or could solely work on one a part of the frame. 3. With the rise of medical information available online, doctors more available through online portals and telemedicine. In her free time, Leilani enjoys photographing architecture, researching local history, and hunting for Mid Century Modern decor. Search titles only; Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Students interested in pursuing a career in medicine will be well supported with the resources provided through this educational and non-profit website. ???????? Moderator of r/doctors Archived Comments are locked. This new forum is for doctors to discuss about issues that are not academic but still relate to your social, financial, political life in the largest democracy in the world. Online. It includes just about every chronic disease and illness, ranging from diabetes to cancer. Another important program that medical students can take advantage of to help manage medical school debt is enrollment in the Indian Health Service Program. According to the company, it’s the largest community for healthcare professionals in the country with 70% of all U.S. doctors have already signed up for membership. It has been updated to reflect offering changes, as well as newly available tools and solutions. No direct messages! It comes with free support on our support forum. Another LinkedIn group that encourages highly successful management practices within the healthcare world in order to facilitate the highest standard of patient care. Members. Great information regarding software applications specifically geared towards medical professionals is accessible through this Google+ group. About this Event We are coming to your laptop, TV, and even your phone for this November 12-14, 2020! All have been selected due to their quality formats, user friendly features, and an already established base of membership: Perhaps the most popular site for healthcare providers on the web today, Sermo is focused on connecting “verified and credentialed” physicians from around the world in 150 countries, with plans to expand even further globally. Different groups and forums are available for every specialty and medical topic, allowing you to choose which professionals you’d most like to interact with. That'll Be $8,000 A Week, Unlocking your medical writing skills during lockdown. Physicians in the surgical field is a learning site that allows surgeons to share their techniques and gain experience from other surgeons around the world. The Doctors Lounge Medical Forums are operated by a volunteer staff including doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. Specialty. It’s Not Only Us, Dogs Dream Too. From webinars to discussion forums to a blog and other resources, you’ll find plenty of great information to expand your skills as a professional. It's better to get medical advice from a professional doctor rather than reading on WebMD and other sites. All rights reserved. Last Post by glitterbag on 04/07/20 6:10 PM . But we were the first - by some margin!! Social Media. World Forum for Medicine - International trade fair for medical technology, electromedicine, health-IT, hospital and surgery equipment, laboratory equipment, diagnostics, physiotherapy and medical … ?? General Discussion For Doctors And Medical Students. 0 comments. This tool is particularly useful for doctors in remote locations who may be treating a patient with a rare disorder. Always speak to your doctor before acting and in cases of emergency seek appropriate medical assistance immediately. Forums; Groups; Popular • New Topics • New Posts . ‘Goals of Patient Care’ is helping. Forums: Medical News. 30. The biggest perk of Among Doctors is that it’s exclusive for medical professionals. Professionals in the healthcare field are some of the busiest people around and likely find the virtually instantaneous connections provided through various social networks for doctors invaluable. A doctor will advise you on diagnosis, treatment options and next course of action on JustDoc. card classic compact. Sub-Forums: MCQs, Viva, Mnemonics, Lecture Notes, Applied Anatomy; Forum Actions: View this forum's RSS feed; Forum Statistics: Threads: 148; Posts: 679; Last … We then connect them to 1.5 million businesses (and counting) who are looking for new partners they can trust. Topical therapies for premalignant and malignant skin disease. Doc2Doc: This is a social networking forum that connects medical students, residents and interns as well as physicians from across the globe. We are not always able to respond in a timely manner with sufficient personnel. The current burgeoning of career coaching and career conferences I think finally has proven me right. The site offers online forums, discussion boards and blogs where medical professionals and students can meet and discuss issues. CMT and our annual Concierge Medicine FORUM is the industry’s oldest national trade event and publication and our healthcare publication is the destination for Physicians, healthcare CEOs, DocPreneurs, businesses, consumers, legislators, precision medicine scientists, professors, researchers and other stakeholders to learn about the rich history and heritage of this industry. Faculty Of Medicine is the best medical forum and social network for verified doctors with free medical cases, medical articles, spot diagnosis, medical discussions, medical jobs, medical quizzes and medical contests. 276k. You need to mention in profile and about [education] a graduate from which medical University of Myanmar or International medical schools. Medical News Forums - Ask an expert about medical news. ???????? So … It is also a great way to doctors to give back by working in some of the most underserved communities in the country. Need A COVID-19 Nurse? Member physicians are allowed to address issues that are either clinical or nonclinical in nature. as an example, there area unit doctors United Nations agency concentrate on diseases of the abdomen or intestines. Its focus on the research and academic side of medicine makes it a great place for patients to find information on their own. Physicians Medical Forum’s mission is the retention and recruitment of African-American physicians, and the betterment of health care for people of color and the underserved communities in the Bay Area. 0. 9 months ago . 30. pinned by moderators. Discuss viva or anything related to particular subject. If you are a developer of a healthcare related site, working within a SEO software optimization platform will increase the likelihood of attracting the membership of knowledgeable professionals who will add tremendous value to your website. Posted by. Get medical advice from doctors from different specializations. | 180 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2100, Chicago, IL 60601 | 312-445-9615 | 800-230-0220 | | Terms and Conditions, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Companies, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Companies, Medical Doctors Medicos Clinical Medicine, Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), The Future of Online Visibility: Voice, VR/AR, and Other New Trends to Watch, How to Invest Your Marketing Budget to Drive the Right KPIs, Why Online Visibility Isn’t ALL About SERP Performance, 5 Ways to Leverage the Power of Community on Instagram. Dr Kevin Yuen November 10, 2020. Medical News Forum. Created Jul 10, 2013. Available on desktop, Android and iOS, DailyRounds is a community of international physicians that’s around 30,000 strong. Her prior experience includes marketing Chicago-area flea markets, teaching photo history to Columbia College students, and writing articles for and Citysearch. 25 talking about this. Medical students and licensed doctors alike will enjoy connecting with their peers around the world on this professional networking site. Mod. Having a medical issue? You can discuss your local issues, post graduation and other relevant things here. Autopsies - A Few Weird, Gross, And Downright Awful Bits You Won't See On The TV, Here's What Happens To The Human Body If It Overheats, Forget Your Biology Book — Here’s What Chromosomes Really Look Like, Common Anti-Diarrhea Drug Can Induce Death Of Aggressive Brain Cancer Cells, Can we reverse aging? The blog brings the latest in women’s and men’s health articles, natural medicine, healthy recipes and anti-ageing tips. The majority of the following sites and apps are geared specifically to physicians although a few focus on connecting nurses, medical students and more. Global info/knowledge sharing social forum [closed group] for doctors of Myanmar origin. Hot New Top Rising. We want the forums to be a useful resource for our users but it is important to remember that the forums are not moderated or reviewed by doctors and so you should not rely on opinions or advice given by other users in respect of any healthcare matters. Created as a platform for learning and collaboration among doctors, more than 200,000 members are using the site to communicate through their phones, tablets, or laptops. i am an indian doctor practising in india and by God,s grace iam having a lucrative practice.Now because of insistence of my children i have to migrate to canada.i know for sure that i am not going to get a doctor,s job there. ©2020 UpCity. Members of this global online community will have access to a job board and information on local healthcare related events in addition to being able to discuss cases with other healthcare providers while staying up to date with the latest advancements in medicine. Currently the site has over 800,000 users. In order to facilitate easy communication between medical professionals including the ability to ask each other questions, share information, opinions, observations, and more, a number of social networks and apps have been specifically created for doctors and other care givers in the field of medicine. Doctors need far more help in steering through the career maze , defining their own particular blend of talents and how best to use these. All flaired medical professionals on this subreddit are verified by the mods. Find great Social Media partners in our Top Local Agency Marketplace! Looking for more Social Media assistance for your business? Physicians can even earn “Q Points” for asking questions, solving challenges, participating in studies and referring colleagues. 8 . With Among Doctors, physicians can create private groups including trusted professionals for advice and collaboration. Working for the IHS will help forgive up to $20,000 a year of two years of service. These doctors area unit known as specialists. 4. share. card. We help B2B service providers increase visibility and showcase their brand credibility. What Are The Best Exercises To Boost Testosterone Production? Another site with over half a million users, Doximity targets U.S. based physicians in all specialty areas. Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared in July 2013. Dr Davinder Hans December 15, 2020. One of the Google+ communities we have included in this list is Digital Healthcare which provides online tools and a social media network for doctors, patients, and others interested in participating in health care discussions. The Natural Doctor aims to help potential or existing patients achieve optimal health. Medical Doctor theme is loaded with features, and has powerful customization options. Skincare Products: Are You Being Deceived? 1. Top 10 Editor's Choice Medical Magazines and Complete List of Medical Magazines Top 10 Medical Magazines - Psychology Today, Life Extension, ADDitude, Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) Journal and more - Preventing burnout in the mental juggling act of medicine. NSFW posts and comments. OTHER FEATURES. How Is Trace Evidence Analyzed In Forensic Cases?, Mohamed serag eldein mahgoub mohamed mostafa. save. Medical Doctors Medicos Clinical Medicine . But the patients themselves are also sharing a great deal more information and their personal experiences through medical advice forums. It’s a one stop network for physicians looking for professional advice and camaraderie. Female physicians will appreciate the job board and discussion forums provided on this site in addition to the ability to compare average salaries and discuss healthcare related issues with other women in the medical community. Get … No marketing or sales are permitted to keep the discussions relevant and focused. The platform allows physicians to engage in chat, share medical expertise, load case files and access a drug database. The forum has separate categories for different conditions. This resource allows healthcare providers from around the world to share anonymous images of an ailment, such as x-rays, and compare them to other images available on the site. Applications designed to assist students during their medical training can be accessed through this Google+ site. This LinkedIn group was created to assist physicians with all aspects of business management for their practice. Ask a doctor or medical professional on Reddit! MedicalDoctor theme aimed for doctor, dentist, dental and health clinics or any other medical related websites. ANY DOCTORS/MEDICOS PASSED/STUDYING FROM MEDICAL COLLEGES OF JHARKHAND OR RESIDING/PRACTICING IN JHARKHAND(INDIA). Associate Professor Louise Smyth December 7, 2020. Who will make the call? ? Investigation of autoimmune thyroid disease . You can even earn some of your category 1 CME credits by reading medical journal articles through this site. Is it the MCAT, USMLE Step 1, Step 2, etc.? Total: 187 (members: 1, guests: 114, robots: 72), Why You Still Need To Wear A Mask After Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine, 14 Tips To Stay Motivated While Studying Medicine, Inspiring Experiences Every Doctor Should Have In 2021, Hospital Floors Are Hotspot For Bacteria, Creating Route Of Transfer To Patients, What Horror Movie Actors Look Like in Real Life, COVID-19 Vaccine: First Person Receives Pfizer Jab In UK, Fresh new book list suggested to crack AMC Exam(download link available), Doctors Can Prescribe Medical Cannabis From November In UK. Previously she led the content department at L2TMedia, a digital marketing agency focused on the automotive industry. The questionnaire is a start point or catalyst for fresh ways of looking at career concerns or planning needs in advance of exploring our range of career support services. Forum; Topics; Posts; Last Post; Doctors. Physicians must be verified using their real names while pharmaceutical reps and other “salesy” types are forbidden from joining. Explore the latest news related to nursing topics, talk to other nurses who are just starting out on their career path or to seasoned veterans, and learn more about the wide variety of career choices available to those in the nursing profession, including travel nursing. Doctor's Lounge provides articles, academic journal papers, and medical news for health professionals.