Best Airport Lounge. Japan Airlines First Class on the 777-300ER consists of 8 seats across two rows, in a 1-2-1 seat configuration. While the airline’s business class seats reflect a forward-thinking design, the First Class cabin’s finishes are more old-school in their elegance. Japan Airlines offers first class passengers a choice of Japanese and Western full-course menus. The best First Class airline lounge is the incredible Lufthansa First Class Terminal which beats any other First Class lounge, but overall Japan Airlines is a great product and First IS better than Business Class. Japan Airlines offers everything from the latest pop tunes to traditional Japanese comic monologues (rakugo) OnDemand. When boarding from the L2 boarding door you must first pass through a very small business class cabin before reaching the First Class cabin. Japan Airlines first class cabin. Since I was flying solo, I took one of the window seats which provided a lot of privacy. Includes over 100 photos and details … Everything from the tables to the decor looked positively untouched. Compared to the First Class seats on Air China and Thai Airways, Japan Airlines has the widest seat with 33 inches of width (26.5 inches for Thai Airways and 23 inches for Air China) and a true lie-flat bed length of 6.5 feet. There’s deep reds and browns throughout the cabin that give it a warm feel, but it is showing its age a bit more than Cathay’s cabin. The semi-enclosed suite onboard the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER fleet features a woodgrain interior, creating the feel of an at-home library with smartly placed furniture of subdued tones. A detailed Japan Airlines 777-300ER First Class Review, sharing my journey abroad the luxurious first class product on JAL. Vote for JAL First Class Lounge - Japan Airlines. Japan Airlines offers its first and business class passengers a free transfer … There were only four other seats in the First Class … Japan Airlines 777-300ER first class cabin has a total of eight seats arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration. JAL First Class Cabin. Japan Airlines’ has only 8 seats in the First Class cabin which makes them considerably more private than most other major airlines. A in-depth review of the Japan Airlines (JAL) First Class product on the airline's 777-300ER aircraft - a look a the cabin, the seat, the amazingly comfortable bedding and a lot more as well. A spokesman for Japan Airlines confirmed to Executive Traveller that reservations and ticket sales in first class for Sydney-Tokyo flights will open on Friday January 31, from 1pm Sydney time.. It’s expected that bookings made using frequent flyer points for travel in first class on the route will also become available from the same date: as always, subject to availability. It’s quite a privilege to taste these, let alone do it in the luxury of JAL First. JAPAN AIRLINES. Japan Airlines First Class takes the flyer experience to a whole new level! Japan Airlines’ First Class passengers can indulge in all the warmth and graciousness for which Japan is renowned. Solo travelers will likely prefer a window seat such as 2A or 2K, while couples can sit together by choosing the paired seats in the center, such as 2D/2G. The cabin design feel more spacious than Cathay First (even though Cathay only have 6 seats in their first class cabin). To use a shower suite, you simply show the attendant your boarding pass. Unlike business class, JAL does not overlook a single detail. The Western menu offers three entrees, two regular items, and one healthy option. 10. The first class cabin on Japan Airlines’s Boeing 777-300ER is extremely luxurious. 1 C: None: No Power: Seat 1 C is a standard First Class seat. Seat 1 A is a standard First Class seat. Their booking calendar doesn’t extend past 331 days into the future. This lounge opened just in April 2019, and it definitely still has that new lounge smell. The smaller lavatory is … We flew out of Los Angeles, which is arguably the best U.S. airport for Oneworld departures, thanks to the abundance of spectacular first class lounges. The Japan Airlines First Class cabin is comprised of 8 suites arranged in a 1-2-1 layout forward from the L2 boarding door and galley. We got through security about two hours before our 7:30 PM flight, so we went to check out the Japan Airlines first class lounge. The Japan Airlines first class cabin are open suites, meaning that there is a shell around the seat but it does not come with the ability to close a door and enclose itself like products on other carriers like Singapore Airlines, Etihad, or JL's rival and main competitor - All Nippon Airways. While JAL’s first class seats are on the older side, first class travelers are in for a treat departing Narita – a brand new lounge. For example, the Chicago to Tokyo route will see first class seats released differently than New York-JFK to Tokyo. Japan Airlines First Class Lounge Narita. The food and beverages were beyond amazing and the service is exceptional. A contributing factor was Japan Airlines operating a 777-300ER and opening up award seat availability in First Class on the route for December to March. Passengers in the JAL first class suites can select more health-conscious items including tailoring items to … Japan Airlines arguably has the best all-around first-class product with strong availability for partner booking, but new data points discovered by the team at Juicy Miles leads us to posit a disheartening possibility: Could Japan Airlines be limiting first-class awards to only JAL Mileage Bank Members?. Japan Airlines’ first class consisted of eight seats across two rows in a 1-2-1 layout. As a family of four, we took up an entire row of seats. ANA First Class – ITM-NRT-SFO – 777-300ER – 121,000 United MileagePlus Miles Korean Air – KIX-ICN-LAX-MCO – 777-300ER – 102,500 Delta Skymiles I know there are cheaper ways to book the ANA and Asiana tickets with other points currencies, but I have 80K points stuck in MileagePlus from our canceled trip from 2020 that I need to find a use for besides flying with United. It was kind of crowded when we got there but had mostly cleared out by the time we boarded at 7:00 PM. On the 777-300ER, there are just 8 first class seats, compared to 49 business class seats.With just 2 rows in a … I have flown with JAL Suite before from Tokyo to Chicago, so this is my second time in this elegant cabin.JAL uses B777-300ER aircraft on most US routes and hosts first class, business class, premium economy and economy, with a total of 244 seats. Note that since JAL doesn’t offer First Class on their intra-Asia routes (Jakarta was the last Asian destination to feature First Class, which was discontinued in 2017), the onward flight to your final destination in Asia will be in business class, which is excellent nonetheless. Japan Airlines First Class Cabin, Bedding, & Amenities. The Japan Airlines First Class Lounge Shower Room has business hours from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm. 1 G: ... Japan Airlines offers a wide range of audio entertainment options covering everything from the latest pop tunes to traditional Rakugo-style Japanese comic monologues. The Japan Airlines cabin consists of eight seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. The First Class seat is made from premium genuine leather with a seat width of about 53 cm (21 in) and a seat pitch of about 130 cm (51 in). Japan Airlines first class availability is also highly route-dependent. They will either direct you to an open suite or give you a paging buzzer if the suites are all taken. Japan Airlines First Class also changed their champagne service to include Cristal on flights to Japan and Salon on flights out of Japan. Japan Airlines Business class lounge offers services of exceptional quality and perks such as special check-in counter priority, baggage check-in and also fast and easy baggage delivery. As soon as I sat down, the flight attendant introduced herself and offered a glass of champagne along with a hot towel. At the end of the current Japan Airlines schedule first class awards are wide open for two passengers on the New York JFK – Tokyo Haneda route.. You cannot yet book this space using American Airlines AAdvantage miles. 1 D: None: No Power: Seat 1 D is a standard First Class seat. The JAL Suites are not fully enclosed but they are probably the most private of the open First Class products. We’ve searched extensively to find JAL space on a wide variety of routes. Business class passengers receive Panasonic noise-canceling headphones on routes between Tokyo and London, Frankfurt, Paris, New York (except on JL048/047), Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The Japan Airlines First Class open suites are similar to the First Class seats found on Air China’s Boeing 777-300ER and Thai Airways’ Airbus A380. The carpet is … A quick check of first class, nonstop fares from SFO to Tokyo Haneda on Japan Airlines shows first class seats in mid January going for an astounding $12,000 each way. Japan Airlines first class lounge after it cleared out. On Japan domestic services, the airline offers First Class, Executive Class Class J and Economy Class. The first class seat aboard Japan Airlines is a massive upgrade over its business class seat. These bottles retail for $250 and $400, respectively. Ready for boarding! Known as JAL Suites, the individual seats are adorned in fine leather and woodgrain panelling, while the floor is decked out in a soft carpet with an ornate marbled pattern.. There are two lavatories, one larger than the other in the front of the cabin by the galley and flight deck. The focus of this review is the outbound flight from Sydney to Narita on Boxing Day, which was an amazing experience and got our Japan adventure off to a very authentic start. JAL reforms the entire inflight experience and ensures that customers are lavished in comfort and luxury during the entire journey. Japan Airlines first class was once in a life time experience for us and we would love to have a chance to fly it again in the future.