They are what I am going to remember from this oddly forgettable movie, and they are a metaphor for the film’s promise and failure to live up to that promise. The Editing Room has been around since 1998 and features over 1,000 Abridged Scripts for movies. This isn't a trick question. They're all major elements in the new psychological horror movie, A Cure For Wellness… Details Duration: 2.800 sec Dimensions: 498x280 Created: 11/13/2018, 2:12:33 AM. There is a Cure. Without further ado, here’s the explanation of the plot and ending of the film A Cure For Wellness, spoilers ahead. Dane DeHaan stars as Lockhart in “A Cure for Wellness,” hitting theaters Friday. That said, A Cure for Wellness is a half decent film but you can’t help thinking this is Shutter Island gone terribly wrong. REVIEW: “A Cure for Wellness” is about eels, sick people. David Sims If you're a fan of A Cure For Wellness, this sequence is an extra treat, baked from the bits of the mix that were trimmed from the final cut. About The Editing Room. With Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth, Ivo Nandi. A Cure for Wellness is a 2016 psychological horror film directed by Gore Verbinski and written by Justin Haythe, based on a story co-written by Haythe and Verbinski, who were both inspired by Thomas Mann's 1924 novel The Magic Mountain. An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps, but soon suspects that … February 16, 2017 11:19 pm by Felipe Belfort Marques. A Cure for Wellness Is a Malevolent Thrill Ride, With Eels Gore Verbinski’s new movie is among the most demented things produced by Hollywood in recent years. "A Cure for Wellness" is abridged! #Cure-For-Welness; #A-Cure-For-Wellness The eels are everything in A Cure for Wellness. A Cure for Wellness: Psychological thriller will leave you feeling eel Open this photo in gallery: Mia Goth plays a out-of-place young patient in A Cure for Wellness. “A Cure for Wellness” has no shortage of ambition, production values and eels. There are sequences involving eels that make eels seem even creepier than they did already, and a dentistry-as-torture scene that makes the one in “Marathon Man” look like a routine cleaning. Related GIFs. What do eels, the Swiss alps, and sensory deprivation tanks have in common? PHOTO COURTESY BOJAN BAZELLI “A Cure for Wellness” is one of those movies. Directed by Gore Verbinski. ‘A Cure For Wellness’ Review: An Eel-Filled, Ill-Fashioned Pill In Gore Verbinski’s new gothic horror film, a staffer at a financial services firm must find his boss in a sinister Swiss spa